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Jake Morse is an independent rapper and producer from Abington, Massachusetts. Born in 1997 Jake’s sound is usually derivative of jazz, blues, and alternative rock, all wrapped in a hip-hop package. This makes for a very unique, but practical hybrid of hip-hop styles.


His musical journey began somewhere around third grade, when he formed a band with his twin brother, Mike and their friend. His experience on the drums and his love for hip-hop eventually led Jake to start making beats on an iPod Touch around 2010. Struggling to get placements, he started writing his own raps and released his first mixtape in 2012.


After releasing two more mixtapes, Jake removed everything from the internet in 2014, and began saving up for a Macbook and a microphone. In October of 2015, Jake released a short EP called Smile, as sort of a fresh start. He has since released two albums and three more EPs, and a long run of loose singles.


Consistency and growth is the focus for 2019, as Jake has branched out to podcasting, Youtube videos, and more.

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