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Jake Morse - Oh Say (Can You See What's Wrong?) Lyrics


[Verse 1]


Made in America for better or for worse

I can’t really tell if this shit is a blessing or a curse

I see people hate people ‘cause of where they go to church

And we idolize the doctor and sexualize the nurse

Patriarchal patriots obsessing over salary

Reality stars are in charge and that’s reality

So let’s just build a wall and forget that we’re all immigrants

We took over the natives and referred to them as Indians

If we think your culture’s cool you bet we  stealing it

But don’t forget to stand and pledge allegiance to our ignorance




Oh say can you see what’s wrong, I said

Oh say can you see what’s wrong?

Oh say can you see what’s wrong, I said

Oh say can you see what’s wrong?


[Verse 2]


Automatic weapons in the hands of civilians

All cause we’re neglecting to repair a tradition

By candlelight a couple guys wrote with feathers we can have a musket

Two hundred and fifty years later we’re just saying fuck it?

I don’t know man, that seems kinda ignorant

Afraid to make changes we’re obsessed with tradition

Home of the free, land of the brainwashed  

Hanging on by a thread still singing the same songs

I could go on and on and on so oh say can you see what’s wrong?

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